Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Newtonists are discriminating against us

It's official. Open up any Physics textbook, and what will you see? The materialistic Newtonian definition of gravity (and maybe if you're lucky, Einstein's definition). Is there any sign of the Biblical theory of gravity as explained by the weight of sin? No. But the evidence is clear. The Biblical explanation is at least as good as "scientific" ones, because it too is testable. However, unlike the scientific theories of gravity, the Biblical theory even provides a mechanism with powerful positive evidence supporting that mechanism (ie. Christ ascending into heaven, walking on water, etc). It is only after cleansing ourselves from sin that we will be able to overcome its weight, and become like God and ascend into heaven. But the materialists only want to teach our children about the false "scientific" theories. They are not willing to even consider that a greater metaphysical power may be at work here. This, my friends, is terrible. There is controversy over the theory of Gravity, and I suggest that we teach all sides and allow our students to choose for themselves! Teach Einsteinian and Newtonian theory, but also teach the Biblical theory of Gravity. It is an equally tenable position to the other two, and therefore must be considered a scientific alternative.

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